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Jun, 1995  Commencement day of the Free Economic Zone in the United Arab Emirates. The Ruler of the state appoints Richard Chichakli to direct the 100,000.000 Sq.Ft Development project E-Media  A-Media,  E-Media2  A-Media2, ,
Sep, 1995 The Free Zone Authority Grants a Operation License to Viktor Bout, Aircess is Born, and quickly became a leading airline and Cargo operator for the CIS former USSR block  Aircess License 
Sharjah Airport Article
Apr, 1996  AirCess starts the Deregistration of its fleet from Liberia, and moves it to various African Countries including South Africa   Deregistration Doc of EL-AKR
Ecuatorila Guine Charter
Apr, 1998  Richard (an employee of the U.S. Dept. of Justice at this time) travels to South Africa as a CPA  to review Viktor's business in preparation for going public   SA Purpose of Richard's visit
Dec, 2000 The United Nations Security Council issues S/2000/1225  which makes Chichakli-Bout relations public for the fist time  S/2000/1225  One page
Full Report (U.N. Website))
Apr 2002 The U.S.  Government starts multiple Grand Jury investigations into the affairs of Richard Chichakli The 2002 multiple Grand Jury Investigations 
Jan 2003 Chichakli's Airline "AirBas Transportation" signs large contract with the U.S. government to transport "all kinds" of cargo to Iraq, and Afghanistan through UAE.. Chichakli's airplanes were issued official U.S. DOD  fueling credit Cards U.S. DOD Credit Cards to Airbas
DOD-Airbas Fuel Agreement
Sample Airbas-DOD AWB
Jul 2003 The United Nations Security Council "uniquely" Targets Chichakli Airline "AirBas Transportation"   S/2003/1305 S/2003/1305 2-pages
Full report
Feb 2004 The United States government targets Chichakli's operations in the United Arab Emirates, orders the UAE Government to ban Chichakli from UAE, and the United States the Military Command in the Middle East issues a "NOTAM" ordering "No Fuel" to Chichakli's airplanes  DOD "NOTAM" 
Apr, 2005 The  US Government levy "Economical Sanctions" against Richard Chichakli pursuant to Executive Order 13348. Chichakli becomes a "Specially Designated National (SDN)" all his assets are frozen and seized, all his businesses are closed, and and is banned from transacting, working,  and dealing with any American person and entity within and outside the United States Designation of Chichakli and the Blocking Order of his assets and businesses  - US Treasury
Gov. License to Eat is required
May 2005 Chichakli leaves the United States and resides in Russia, Dubai, and few other places using various names and identities.   ID-USA, ID-South Africa, ID-Russia, ID-Syria, ID-Australia,
Dec 2005 The United Nations Security Council resolves to place worldwide economic sanctions against  Richard Chichakli and levy against Chichakli Worldwide Assets Freeze,  and Worldwide Travel Ban  United Nations'  Security Council Resolutions
SC/8569  and SC/8570 
Aug 2006 Chichakli sues the United States Secretaries of State, Treasury, and the head of OFAC  Chichakli v. Paulson, Rice, Zubin 
Full Complaint
Sep 2006 Richard Chichakli is delivered to Syria by "unknown persons" and given to the Syrian intelligence to be tortured. Here are some glimpse from the testimony of FBI Special Agent William Hoffman, and Assistant US Attorney Christian Everdell FBI Admits Knowledge of Chichakli's situation in Syria
US Gov. denies responsibility
 Mar, 2007  Chichakli, thought to be killed by the Syrian Intelligence apparatus, appears in Moscow and goes on the offense by  revealing details about his relation with the US Government. The U.S. Government  and Syria work together, and using the United Nations Security Council to cover -up the US involvement in rendering Richard Chichakli to Syria UN Security Council Memorandum S/AC.41/2006/1
Aug, 2007 Richard Chichakli and Viktor Bout published a video on where they announce their intention to reveal the couple's working relation with the United States Government  Chichakli-Bout Video Message 
See it on
Mar, 2008  The United States Government Orders Thailand to arrest Victor Bout in an operation managed by the U.S. Special Operation Division "SOD". Here's the actual video of Victor's arrest, and the actual "SOD" report   The video of Viktor Bout's arrest in Bangkok on Youtube -(63 MB) 
The original Special Operation Division's "SOD-DEA-6"
May, 2009 Richard Chichakli provides a written affidavit and video statement to the Royal Court in Thailand regarding the matter of Viktor Bout and his relation  to certain agenda of the United States government, based on which evidence the Thai Royal Court rejects the U.S. Government request to extradite Viktor Bout Coverage of the failed U.S. attempt to extradite Victor -1
Coverage of the failed U.S. attempt to extradite Victor -2
Coverage of the failed U.S. attempt to extradite Victor -3
Aug, 2009 The United States Government seeks revenge against Richard Chichakli through the invention of Samar Airlines case.  The Government uses Victor Bout alleged unrelated arms dealing stories, on Grand Jury in New York to get an indictment against Richard Chichakli. Here's the actual story told by SOD Agent Zachariasiewics to the grand jury.  this is how the indictment was obtained on unrelated story
Jun-Dec, 2009 The United States Government unleashes furious worldwide campaign in retribution against Chichakli for his role in causing the U.S. Government's humiliation  in the rejection of the  extradite of Victor Bout. Individual sanctions against Richard Chichakli in all financial centers around the globe are being announced, here's a small sample EU-Sanctions, Switzerland Sanction, Liechtensteinisches. Hong Kong Sanctions,  Isle of Man Sanctions
Sep, 2009 The US Government obtains indictment against Viktor Bout and Richard Chichakli  on an alleged conspiracy to violate the International Economic Emergency Power Act "IEEPA"  S-1 Indictment  This case started with two co-defendants
Nov, 2009  Victor Bout is dropped out of the indictment, as of November 09, 2009 Only Richard Chichakli is indicted on Samar Airline Case . As of Nov/9/2009  Victor Bout is NOT A DEFENDANT in this case,  THIS IS CRUCIAL DATE  to remember  S-2 Indictment Only Richard Chichakli  is indicted Viktor Bout is NO-LONGER a defendant in this case as on 2009 
Jan, 2013 Richard Chichakli is arrested in Melbourne, Australia on Interpol Red Notice   The friends