Falling from Grace

The Viktor Bout quandary

This chronicle starts with the 1995 incident which yielded an unprecedented chain of events, and resulted in the first of its kind situation, where a citizen of the United States, a decorated and honorably discharged, disabled veteran of the United States Army, and a former employee of the US Department of Justice was made pursuant to an Executive Order by the President of the United States to require a "license" to eat, drink, and . . . . to remain alive.

Think about this; after seizing all of his assets including his home, businesses, vehicles, and freezing all of his funds and accounts; Richard Chichakli's children, wife, friends, and everyone else, each and every entity within the United States, under the jurisdiction of the United States, and including Americans worldwide were prohibited from transacting with Richard Chichakli. No one can deal with Richard, no one offer Chichakli any type of help, shelter, medical aid, not even a glass of water! Violators will be risking a million dollar fine, and 10 years in federal prison.

Winning against the setting president of the United States

Events in Black and White

Something to see

Events in Black and White

Questions to Ask

Altogeter, it doesn't add up

Why would the government issue a Security Clearance to someone who has no business with the government? Well; better stated, to an accountant who does taxes and payroll for small business in a little-town in North Texas?

It is known that "Secret clearance is only granted after a reliability status is cleared, with a positive CSIS security assessment. This level of clearance will grant the right to access designated and classified information up to Secret level on a need-to-know basis. Only those with a Secret clearance, with enhanced screening have access to Protected C information." With that on hand, why would a person with no relation to government work or government "secrets" need one? Yet, this docemnet orders the "destruction" of ALL PREVIOUSLY ISSUED clearances! One must ask, How far back this "ALL previou Issued" goes?

Why would an accountant from Richardson, Texas be communicating with the President of Russia, yet why Mr. Putin instructs his State Department to do what that accountant proposed?

Things get complicated when one has to explain the reason for having communication with a president of a country; particularly, if that country happened to be tRussia. Chichakli is a very good accountant, but the Russian president ???

The United Nations Security Council gets involved, and strangely enough Syria is helping the United States over a "nobody" accountant!

The United Nations deals with Countries, Political Figures, and crisis of concern to the world; well, that what we all assume. Unfortunately, that is not the case when the government of the United States has something else in mind. Nearly 20 years ago, precisely in the year 2000, the United Nations, which is a toy used by the United States to impose the U.S. Political agenda and cement its domination of power over the free-will of the world and its resources, The United Nations Security Council had more resolutions and reports issued against a "nobody individual" than what it has ever issued against any political figure . . . ever

 On the other hand, the United States government has Syria listed as a "Terrorist Country" and it remains under sanctions until this day; strangely enough, the United States government had no problem cooperating with the criminal regime in Syria in order to . . . Well, get the accountant!